Interview with our new consulting manager Lars-Åke Lovetén

We are pleased to welcome Lars-Åke Lovetén as consulting manager with us at Flexite. Lars-Åke will be based in our head office in Örnsköldsvik with a focus on nurturing our customer agreements, contributing to increased sales and making the staff continue to feel good and be motivated. We gave Lars-Åke a call and asked him to introduce himself.

Hi Lars-Åke, who are you?

I’m a positive man interested in technology with a large family and a lot of experience. I’ve lived in Örnsköldsvik for almost 15 years together with my wife, but commuted weekly for 10 years. My other family consists of 4 own children and 4 bonus children, with grandchildren scattered in Sweden and abroad. Outside of work, I like to spend time with the family, take care of apartment buildings, our summer house and I have a great interest in environmentally friendly electric cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.

What have you done earlier in your career?

My career is long and I’ve had several different professional roles that have been very useful in my working life, everything from technician and IT manager to firefighter, CEO and self-employed. I’ve worked in both the private sector at Ericsson, Kodak and Rank Xerox, and the public sector at the Government Offices, the Swedish National Board of Institutional Care, the Medical Products Agency and most recently at the municipality of Kramfors.

Why did you choose to start working with us at Flexite?

In my most recent role as IT manager at Kramfors municipality, I discovered what a well-thought-out system flexite is and what opportunities there are with the system. I believe that with my experience as an IT manager, and in recent years also as a customer, I can contribute to Flexite’s continued development. Over the years, I have developed a large network within municipalities, authorities and private compnaies that I believe can be very useful.

Of course there’s also a bonus to work in my home municipality and that Flexite’s office is located on the same street where I live.

What experiences and knowledge do you hope to get use of in your new position?

My leadership experiences and relationships in different roles over the years will come in handy in this position. I have basically worked with internal support and bought systems and services for over 25 years, and now it will be exciting to use the customer perspective in a more selling role.