Healthcare deviations

Meet the National Board of Health and Welfare’s regulations for systematic quality work that require health and medical care to investigate care deviations.

Key features

Protect sensitive information

Membership in various rights groups and role assignments ensures that each user is only allowed to access the information they have the right to see.

Full traceability

The system log shows history for the errand. In accordance with the Patient Data Act, whoever has opened and taken part in an errand is logged, which provides a basis for log review.

Secure data management

Follow GDPR and other laws and regulations with logging of who did what and by secrecy and deleting information completely based on your needs.

Available everywhere

With support for mobile and tablet, users can report and manage their errands when they have the time, no matter where they are.

Nothing falls through the cracks

Automated workflows and reminders keep track of all errands so that nothing is forgotten or falls through the cracks .

Make faster and smarter decisions

Search and analyze trends in real-time to visualize problem areas and gain the insights you need to work on continuous improvement.

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