Contact center

Make it easier for your customers to contact you, relieve your specialists of routine tasks and get a more efficient and safer handling with shorter waiting times.

Key features

Be available

Customers can contact you at any time, no matter where they are, with mobile, tablet or computer via e-services, apps, SMS, MMS, Facebook and Twitter.

Give answers immediately

With all the information available, you can always give the customer relevant, correct and similar answers, without having to disturb the rest of the organization.

Promise answers

Automated workflows and reminders via e-mail send errands to the right specialists and make sure that nothing is forgotten or falls through the cracks.

Smart integrations

Simplify and time optimize the handling of errands with powerful integrations to telephony systems, social media, e-mail, map functions, user directories etc.

Follow the law

Protect users’ privacy with digital signatures, secrecy, and deleting information based on your needs.

Increase efficiency

Various built-in search and statistics tools, monitoring, reports and lead time calculations reveal where the problems are and where you can make improvements.

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