The AI robot flexAI

Fully digitilize your processes by letting the AI ​​robot flexAI classify your errands automatically.

Control functions in flexite automatically

Based on classification made by flexAI, lots of functions in flexite can be handled automatically.

  • Form content
  • Manuscripts
  • Checklists
  • Flows
  • Role assignment
  • Responsibility
  • Visibility
  • Information distribution
  • Secrecy
  • Data purging etc.

Benefits and added value with flexAI

Optimized tasks and resources

Forget about manual classification of errands and let your resources perform the tasks that provide the most value for your customers and your core business, with higher quality.

Quicker information with higher quality

Provide standard answers with information to your customers and deliver data to various integrations directly without delays.

Correct and updated statistics without delay

Increase quality and usefulness within your organization, by providing accurate and up-to-date statistics to the organization in real time.

How flexAI works

flexAI consists of language-independent technical algorithms that read and recognize characters. From existing classified errands, flexAI learns different combinations of characters and can control the workflow with the right classifications. Manually classified errands are sent back to the training database and flexAI can learn for future classifications.

flexAI in reality

An errand is registrered in flexite through various digital channels.

flexAI reads and classifies the errands without the delay of manual intervention.

The automated classification controls many functions in flexite such as form content, speech scripts, checklists, workflows, role assignment, responsibility, visibility, information distribution, confidentiality and more.

The errands can be reclassified. The new classification controls new settings for the errand and trains flexAI for the future.

Do you want to know more about the AI robot flexAI?

Magnus Östman

+46 660-29 95 28

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