Care deviations

With experience and good knowledge of HSL, SoL and LSS, we can help you meet your need for management of care deviations.

Key features

Access at any time

With the platform’s support for mobiles, tablets and computers you can report and manage events immediately or when you have the time.

Make sure everything is handled

With automated workflows and reminders, the system keeps track and monitors that nothing is forgotten or falls through the cracks.

Work on continuous improvements

Search and analyze trends in real time and visualize current problem areas to get the insights you need to make quick and smart decisions based on reality.

Protect sensitive information

Each user belongs to different roles and rights groups to ensure that each user only is allowed to access the information they have the right to see.

Follow laws and regulations

With logging, secreacy and the ability to delete information completely based on your needs, you get secure data management that follows GDPR and other laws and regulations.

Full traceability

In accordance with the Patient Data Act, all history is logged in the system log about who has opened and taken part in an errand, which provides a basis for log review.

Do you want to know more about care deviations?

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