flexite Administrator training

Learn how to create, manage and configure executable digital processes using our method and methodology and the platform flexite.

About the training

The flexite Administrator Training gives you an overall picture of how to create, manage and configure executable digital processes using our method and methodology and the flexite platform. During the training there are also great opportunities for exchanging experiences and networking with other participants.

In order to complete the education, no prior knowledge of either flexite or digital application development is required. If you are an Administrator, User, System owner or Process owner, the training is for you.

New setup for flexite Administrator training 2023

We have made a whole new setup for the flexite Administrator training that will make the training more task based than before. The training is split into 2 blocks (2 + 2 days), with opportunity to be certificated. The training is, as before, teacher-led by one of our experienced application consultants.

The training is directed at you that are brand new administrator in flexite. A whole new setup makes it possible even for experienced flexite Administrators to go through the whole training or specific blocks to refresh their knowledge.

The blocks build on each other and to attend Block 2 you will need to have attended Block 1 or our previous Administrator training. To assess your knowledge and complete the certification it is recommended that you have attended Block 1 and block 2 or an earlier Administrator training.

The new Administrator training has been expanded by 1 day and is now four days in total.

The training is always held in the latest flexite version where the newest functionality are available.

Training scheme

Block 1 – flexite Usage and administration

Day 1, 8:30 – 16:30 – flexiteWEB

  • Introduction to flexite
  • Working in a working process, registration and administration (flexiteWEB and Smooth Forms)
  • Walkthrough of all statisticsapplications
    • Statistics
    • Advanced Statistics
    • List/Filtrate
    • Overview
  • Walkthrough of the most common functions in flexiteWEB
    • Message
    • Redirect
    • Substitute management
    • Drafts/templates
    • Duplication etc
  • Practice tasks continuously during the day

Day 2, 8:30 – 16:30 – flexiteCLIENT – Organization, Users and Rights

  • Walkthrough of organizational structure
  • Walkthrough of user management
  • Walkthrough of head of departmentship in organizational structure
  • Walkthrough of rights settings
  • GDPR users and GDPR authorization groups
  • Creation of structure for authorization groups
  • Rights with focus on information security
  • Practice tasks continuously during the day

Block 2 – flexite Processdesign and configuration

Day 3, 8:30 – 16:30 – Flexeurope’s method and methodology and processdesign

  • Walkthrough of processdesign in 2c8 Modeling Tool
  • Walkthrough of Flexeurope’s method and methodology to create working processes
  • Walkthrough of settings for activities, flows, times, roles, forms and process properties
  • Work with formdesign, component settings, visibility, tooltips and more
  • What to think about at processdevelopment, not just how changes are made, but also thinking about the consequences of various changes
  • Practice tasks continuously during the day

Day 4, 8:30 – 16:30 – Configuration of statistics and search possibilities, report design and system settings.

  • Configuration of applications Advanced Statistics and List/Filtrate
    • Work with attribute groups and sorting
    • Rights in different areas/levels
    • Work with public queries/searches
  • Configuration of Search application
  • Configuration of Statistics application
    • Work with pre-defined lists and different filters
  • Periodic statistics
    • How to create pre-defined periodic statistics for mailing or publication
  • Reports
    • Walkthrough of the report designer and printing
  • General system settings (non process specific)
    • Password policy, rules for subsitutes, e-mail management and senders, web settings, organizational limitations for users and departments, leadtimes, logging and more
  • Practice tasks continuously during the day


Day 5, 8:30 – 16:30 – Certification

Do you want to test your flexite knowledge and find out if you can title yourself as a “Certified flexite Administrator”? Certification begins with a going through of the certification test together with one of our application consultants in the morning. The test is later carried out independently with the help of the flexite methodical manual and your own knowledge. The test is handed in at the end of the day. Test result is notified the next day.

Booking information

DateBlock 1: 7/11 – 8/11 2023
Block 2: 14/11 – 15/11 2023
Certification: 16/11 2023
Time8:30 – 16:30 all days
LocationAll parts of the training is online based.
For whoAdministrators, users, systemowners or procesowners. No prior knowledge required.
PriceBlock 1 + Block 2, 19.850 kr (SEK) / participant
Single block, 11.850 kr (SEK) / participant
Certified flexite Administrator, 4.950 kr (SEK) / participant

(All prices listed excl. VAT)
TermsParticipation is invoiced when ordering and is non-refundable, but participants can be changed at any time. In case of illness, participation can be moved to another time if there is open spots available. We reserve the right to cancel the course if there are to few participants. Participants can then choose a refund or participate in the upcoming training session.

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