We keep continuous training courses in the software flexite and how to build, manage and refine digital executable processes.


Reduce the cost of your and your colleagues’ trainings. You order vouchers when you sign up for one of our courses.

Vouchers belong to the organization, can be used by several people and are valid for 12 months from order. Invoicing takes place when ordering.

AntalPrice (Sek excl. VAT) Price/day (Sek excl. VAT)
3 pcs16.950:-5.650:-
4 pcs 21.800:-5.450:-
5 pcs 26.250:-5.250:-
6 pcs 30.900:-5.150:-
7 pcs 35.700:-5.100:-
8 pcs 40.400:-5.050:-
9 pcs 45.000:-5.000:-
10 pcs 49.500:-4.950:-

Do you want to know more about our trainings?

Lina Obitz

+46 660-29 95 13

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