Flexeurope and flexite joins Nordtech Group!

Since a couple of weeks ago Flexeurope has been part of Nordtech Group, a company group consisting of strong nordic software companies.

For our customers, resellers and partners, Nordtech means continued investment and long-term engagement in the software flexite with focus on continued development and growth. We keep our focus on satisfied customers and growing the customer base within the areas Flexeurope have a strong offer. As part of Nordtech it is business as usual for Flexeurope, with the same offices, coworkers and same management as before. For 20 years Jörgen Schulze has been the majority owner in Flexeurope through his company JS Companies AB, with the transfer to Nordtech he is ending his involvement in Flexeurope.

Parts of flexite staff during planning meeting for the upcoming year.

Nordtech has their head office in Stockholm and consists, together with Flexeurope, of six software companies. Within Nordtech each acquisition is kept as a standalone company with focus on their own software and services. Nordtech is a strong long-term owner that enables continued development and growth in Sweden and the Nordic in particular. For now, except Flexeurope, Nordtech consists of the companies Informentor, Shoppa, ReQtest, InformaIT and Starweb. As part of Nordtech Flexeurope is given the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with other software companies with similar opportunities and challenges. Nordtech continuously evaluates the acquisition of new companies to the group and we at Flexeurope have great faith that Flexeurope and the software flexite will have a good development going forward within the group.

Read more about Nordtech here: https://nordtechgroup.com/en/about/

During the transition to Nordtech, Flexeurope gets a valuable skill supplement as Nordtech’s grounders Pål Hodann and Nils Bergman joins Flexeurope’s company board.

Flexeurope company board with Pål Hodann (Chairman of the Board), Stefan Karlsson and Nils Bergman.