Our clients

We have automated processed for hundreds of customers and more than 400,000 users across a wide variety of industries.

Each and every customer and process is equally important to us. Our commitment has given us experience that we are happy to share with you.

With flexiteBPMS, we help our customers streamline their work and/or information flow and thereby offer their end customers an excellent service. The end customer may consist of many roles. It may be the colleagues at the quality department, an institution with regulatory requirements, an individual or a business client. The case type and work flow can also be of a very varied nature. Everything from handling complaints from individuals, e-petitions from a municipal citizen, deviation management from the production department.


Below you will find some of our references.


Domsjö Fabriker använder flexite
Domsjö Fabriker
Domsjö Fabriker are expanding and are regularly adapting their use of flexiteBPMS with the purpose of continuously improving...
Nöjda flexiteBPMS-kursdeltagare från Uddevalla kommun
Uddevalla Municipality
When Anna Larsson and Sarah Andersson assumed their positions as e-service developers at the IT department at Uddevalla...