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AI in the low-code platform flexite

What is Artificial Intelligence, what does AI mean in flexite and what is the difference compared to robotics or RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

What is Artificial Intelligence

AI is a collective term for systems that can sense their surroundings, think, learn and take action. Simply put, AI is a different way of programming. Instead of programming exact instructions for what the system should do, an AI robot is trained to understand and solve problems on its own.

What does AI mean in flexite

The low-code platform flexite is used to create process applications with automated workflows that handle various errands. The workflow is controlled by different choices and classifications that ensure that the right resources, with the help of correct information, can perform their job on time. 


By training the AI ​​robot flexAI with data from previously handled errands, flexAI learns to understand what different errands are about and classify them with the right settings and rights, without the need for manual interventions in the process.

AI is the next step after robotization

Unlike AI, which can understand, think, learn and take action by itself, robotics, or RPA (Robotic Process Automation), means that a software robot mimics the administrative work a human performs in front of a computer screen. With simulated clicks and keystrokes, the robot can work in different applications and systems, without being able to understand and solve problems by itself.

Fully digitilize your processes with flexAI

Forget about manual classification of errands and let your resources perform the tasks that provide the most value for your customers and your core business, with higher quality.

Want to know more about the AI ​​robot flexAI?


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