Why flexiteBPMS

Streamlines Information and Work Flows

With the software flexiteBPMS you can map out activities in a flow and create an activity chain, i.e. a process, to find the most effective way of working. Once the process has been defined, we automate the activity flow with flexiteBPMS.

How does it work?

A case arises. With flexiteBPMS, an email message is sent out to the person responsible for assessing the case type and decide on course of action. With one tap on the button, by the person responsible, the case is forwarded to the person who will perform the action. When the action has been completed and one tap on the button later, feedback is automatically sent to the person who reported the case. The clever thing is that everything happens without requiring the actors in the activity chain to keep track of whom they should inform and what the entire process looks like. 

A case is created. Externally or internally.
Assessment and decision on action.
The right person or machine performs the action.
Everybody is automatically informed that the case has been completed.
What is it / For whom
Why flexiteBPMS?
More than a software

What is BPM?

Business Process Management is a systematic way of continuously improving a company’s business processes, i.e. who does what, when and how. One can say that BPM is a collection of methods and tools to automate and streamline a work flow and create a holistic approach. 

What is flexiteBPMS?

flexiteBPMS is a system that is used to automate the activity flow in a process. With flexiteBPMS you save time and money with a process engine that drives predetermined activities in an activity chain.

For whom?

For those who want to save time and money with streamlined processes. For those who want to avoid hassle and minimize the number of cases that fall through the cracks due to unclear accountability. For those who want to take control over their business. For those who want to deliver quality. 

Manual Procedures Become Digital Processes

We take manual procedures, improve them and transform them into digitalized processes. The process engine in flexiteBPMS drives the work flow forward automatically and ensures that data is transferred to the correct resource and completed on time. Nothing falls through the cracks.

Dynamic and Effective

Getting started with flexiteBPMS is quick and easy. Our digital processes are dynamic and easily developed to meet changing business demands. The statistics tools clearly show what state the process is in and where there are opportunities for improvement. This provides both effectiveness and job satisfaction.

We Know Digital Processes

Our software and methodology are based on years of experience in business development. We have helped customers in most industries to streamline their work flows through digitalization.


We have made the digital journey. We know digital processes.

The Importance of Integrations

An effective work day does not contain duplication, manual login and logout or entering similar information into different systems. Therefore, we offer and extensive library of ready-to-use integrations to/from flexiteBPMS to to/from other systems. We also continuously develop new standard integrations and customized connectors when needed.

Consultant Support

Our integration consultants have extensive experience in integrating flexiteBPMS with other systems. They are happy to help with compatibility requirements, setting up the connectors required and test driving the systems before you go live. Please contact us if you need help with integrations. 

Examples of Integrations

Are you interested in knowing which ready-to-use integrations to/from flexiteBPMS we have and if we have ready-to-use connectors to your existing systems? Contact us and you will get answers to your questions!

flexiteBPMS makes a difference

We have years of experience in business development and streamlining work and information flows through digitalization. Our customers testify that an implementation of flexiteBPMS really makes a difference. 

Well-proven methodology

Our software is based on a proven methodology. A methodology that we have developed in parallel with the software development and always in close collaboration with our experienced business and technical consultants and valuable customers.

Experienced consultants

Our offer contains more than a software. We also offer solid expertise through our highly experienced consultants. We are happy to help you with anything from placing an order, software implementation, introducing new mindsets into the business, integration with existing systems, etc.