Nöjda flexiteBPMS-kursdeltagare från Uddevalla kommun

Satisfied flexiteBPMS training participants from Uddevalla Municipality

When Anna Larsson and Sarah Andersson assumed their positions as e-service developers at the IT department at Uddevalla Municipality, flexiteBPMS was a new system that they had to get to know. Uddevalla Municipality, however, have been working with flexiteBPMS for a number of years. Their predecessors recommended the training course “Process-based business development” to obtain knowledge of flexiteBPMS and learn to manage digital processes.

“The training was incredibly rewarding and useful”, says Anna. Sarah agrees:


“We were both new to the job and wanted to quickly gain an understanding of flexiteBPMS and how to build digital processes. The training was so well planned and fruitful that it would have taken a very long time if our predecessors had trained us internally instead.”

Support to Build, Manage and Refine Digital Processes


Uddevalla Municipality currently has about 20 e-services. Anna and Sarah work with these daily. Their main tasks are to build, manage and refine e-services using flexiteBPMS. The work includes internal user support.


“To do a good job, an extensive knowledge of the software flexiteBPMS is required. We also need to be aware of the possibilities and limitations of both flexiteBPMS and the business. A methodology that we believe in and feel comfortable with when we build new e-services is also important”, says Anna.


At the implementation of each e-service, Anna and Sarah hold a workshop with those employees who will be working with or be affected by the e-service.


“Thanks to the training, we do not only have the knowledge of the software, but also a methodology for carrying out workshops and build and implement new e-services and other digital processes”, Anna and Sarah say.


Notably, if Uddevalla Municipality decide to implement other types of digital processes than e-services, Anna and Sarah will, thanks to their flexiteBPMS training, be able to handle these as well.



This is How the Training was Conducted


“When we were given the opportunity to take part in this training, we obviously wanted to sign up for it”, says Sarah.


The two-week long training course was intensive with a solid content. Theory combined with practical exercises, ongoing testing and summaries. The first week of training was conducted remotely online. The second week the training continued through on site accommodation. The training ended with a final exam and the building of a process.


“It may sound somewhat like a reverse order not to meet in person until the second week. But it turned out to be a wise decision. Thanks to the excellent approach of the training, we had already developed a good cohesion within the group while working remotely during the first week. Moreover, all participants had already established contact during the first week via Facebook, Google Hangouts, etc. We had more to discuss and more ideas to share with each other than we would have if we had already seen each other during the first week. We could also utilize the time with the trainer more effectively”, says Anna and continues:


“Karolina Klang from Flexite was a very competent trainer. We are very pleased with her.”



Insights, Contact Networks and Valuable Methodologies


Since Anna and Sarah work in the same place, they could thoroughly discuss practical examples during the training days. Despite this, they agree that:

“It is reassuring to have a contact network with other flexiteBPMS administrators after the training, as well.”


Both of them mention the methodology as a very valuable skill and insight to take away from the training.


“The methodology for how to lead a workshop and implement a new digital process was an incredibly valuable skill to take away”. For example, in what order one performs the various steps to build a new digital process or what information and structure that should be developed. The methodology also highlights what one should think about with regard to activities, roles and flows and what order it may be useful to follow”, Anna and Sarah say.


“The training contained exactly what we expected and more. Although a two-week training course cannot cover everything in depth, we now have a very solid ground to stand on”, they both agree and continue:


“We were able to apply our new-found knowledge immediately upon our return to work.”



To Consider

Anna and Sarah warmly recommend the training and suggest reading the manuals and browsing around flexiteBPMS before attending the course. A little bit of prior knowledge makes it easier to absorb and benefit from all the information provided during training.



The Next Step

“On reflection, a second training session wouldn't be a bad idea. Perhaps more technical, for example how to build competency groups in a logical manner or other issues that arise when one has been working for some months after completing the first training course. It would be fun to see each other again and continue to exchange experiences in more specific areas”, say the two flexiteBPMS administrators from Uddevalla Municipality.


Whether there will be a continuation course or not, Sarah and Anna continue to implement and refine e-services for Uddevalla Municipality. Work that they are both very happy with!






    Sarah Andersson                  Anna Larsson 



”Process-based Business Development” is a flexiteBPMS training that gives the participants knowledge of how to build all types of processes.


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