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Satisfied training participants from Uddevalla municipality

During the training Process Based Business Development Anna Larsson and Sarah Andersson, e-service developers at the IT department at Uddevalla municipality, learned how to handle flexite and digital processes.

When Anna Larsson and Sarah Andersson became e-service developers at the IT department at Uddevalla municipality, flexite was a new system for them to get acquainted with. Uddevalla municipality, on the other hand, had worked with flexite for a number of years.


Their representatives therefore advised them on the training Process Based Business Development in order to be able to quickly gain knowledge in flexite and learn to handle digital processes.

Support for creating, managing and refining digital processes

- The training was incredibly rewarding and useful, says Anna. Sarah agrees:


- We were both new at work and quickly wanted to familiarize ourselves with flexite and how to build digital processes. The training was so well-planned and useful that it had taken a very long time for our representative to have trained us internally instead.


Uddevalla municipality currently has about 20 e-services. Anna and Sarah work daily with these. Their main job is to build, manage and refine e-services using flexite. The work also includes internal user support.


- In order to do a good job, good knowledge of the software flexite is required. We also need to know the possibilities and limitations that exist in both flexite and the business. Important is also a methodology that we believe in and feel comfortable with when we build new e-services, says Anna.


When introducing each new e-service, Anna and Sarah conduct a workshop with the employees who will work with or be affected by the e-service. Notably, if Uddevalla municipality decides to introduce other types of digital processes than e-services, Anna and Sarah can also handle these through their flexite training.

Thanks to the training, we have not only gained knowledge of the software but also a methodology for conducting workshops and building and implementing new e-services and other digital processes.
Anna Larsson and Sarah Andersson, Uddevalla municipality

How the training was conducted

The two-week training was intense with a solid content. Theory was mixed with practical exercises, ongoing tests and summaries. The first week, the training was conducted remotely. The second week the training continued together at a joint location. The training ended with a final examination to build a complete process.


- Maybe it sounds like a reverse order to not meet personally until the second week. But it turned out to be wise. Thanks to a good set-up of the training, we got a good cohesion in the group when working remotely during the first week. In addition, we had several contacts the first week via Facebook, Google Hangouts, etc. That way we had more to discuss and more ideas to exchange when we met each other during the second week. We could also use the time with the course leader more efficiently, says Anna.

Karolina Klang from Flexite was an amazingly good course leader. We are very pleased with her.

Insights, network of contacts and valuable methodology

Since Anna and Sarah work in the same workplace, they could discuss practical examples during the training days. Despite this, they both state that it is a safety to have a contact network with other flexite administrators even after the training.


Both also mention the methodology as a very valuable knowledge and insight to bring home from the training.


- The methodology for how to lead a workshop and implement a new digital process was extremely valuable. E.g. in which order top perform various steps to build a new digital process or which information and structure that should be developed. The methodology also includes what you should consider in terms of activities, roles and flows and which order to follow, says Anna and Sarah.


- The training contained exactly what we expected and more. Although a two-week training cannot cover everything in depth, we got a very good foundation to stand on and we were able to apply our newly acquired knowledge immediately when we returned, they both state.

Reflections and the next steps

Anna and Sarah highly recommend the training and advice on reading the manuals and to discover flexite on your own in advance. A little pre-knowledge makes it easier to absorb all the information you get during the training.


- When reflecting, it would be great with a continuation course. Perhaps more technically, for example how to build rights groups in a logical way or other issues that arise when working a few months after the first training. It would be fun to se the other participants again and continue to exchange experiences in more detailed areas, says the two flexite administrators at Uddevalla municipality.


Continuing course or not, Sarah and Anna continues to implement and refine e-services within Uddevalla municipality. A job they both enjoy!

About Process Based Business Development

PBBD stands for Process-Based Business Development and it is a genuine training that gives you deep knowledge of flexite and how to build, manage and refine digital processes. The training is conducted full-time for two weeks, of which two days are on a joint location and the rest remotely, and consists of self-study, group work and virtual labs.