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Focus on customer service in Skellefteå with the help of flexite

Skellefteå municipality has extensive experience of working with digital processes. For more than 10 years, the municipality's customer service has used flexite as its case management system.

Skellefteå municipality's customer service team is constantly working to streamline and improve its service to their citizens. All in order to give the citizens the best possible help.


- A citizen should not have to find out which administration or contact person to turn to for their issue. There should be one way in for all issues and it is through our customer service, says Stefan Persson, system administrator at Skellefteå municipality and continues:


- All incoming issues, whether they come by phone, mail, web form or other channel, are registered and processed in flexite. It is a very central system for us in the municipality.

Our goal is to offer the best possible service to Skellefteå residents. flexite is a central system for us in achieving that.
Stefan Persson, system administrator, Skellefteå municipality

Experienced customer service with 10 years of experience of digital processes

For Skellefteå municipality digital processes is nothing new. On the contrary, Skellefteå was one of Flexite's first municipal customers that ten years ago began to use flexite as a case management system in their customer service.


- For us who were among the first customers, it has been extremely interesting and rewarding to both contribute to and follow the development of the system. Today, flexite is a full-fledged and well-packed case management system for all types of customer service operations. Many of the experiences we have gathered in our customer service have been done together with Flexite, says Stefan Persson.

flexite - a long-lasting system

When Skellefteå municipality evaluated case management systems just over ten years ago there was one system that outshined the others according to the municipality. It was flexite. The choice was simple.


- We have never felt limited by flexite despite the fact that we have developed the business and our working method continuously during these years. In principle, the processes look the same and we basically apply the same working method, although we have of course adjusted and refined parts over the years, says Stefan.

We are just as satisfied with our choice of system today as we were then. A proof that flexite lasts in the long run!
Stefan Persson, Skellefteå municipality

More time for customer service, less unnecessary administration

Skellefteå municipality's aims to provide the best possible service to their citizens. It must be easy to contact the municipality, regardless of your errand. The goal is for citizens to receive feedback within a maximum of three days. If the process goes too slow, flexite will automatically alert the affected persons and responsible managers.

Thanks to a reliable system, we to promise when our citizens will get an answer.

Today, Skellefteå municipality has about 3000 flexite users and about 2 million registered cases in the database. All questions are logged in flexite. The system then helps the customer service administrators to register the case, forward the case when needed, provide feedback and, above all, ensure that no cases falls through the cracks.


Approximately 70% of incoming questions are answered by the customer service directly, thanks to talented employees and the knowledge database that has been created in flexite over the years. Approximately 30% of the questions is forwarded internally.

With flexite we can concentrate on customers and avoid spending time on unnecessary administration and coordination. That is automatically managed by the system.

If one of our customer service administrators forwards a case to a person in the organization who is sick that day, there will be rules in the system that automatically forward the case someone else or sends it back to the customer service, without anyone having to manually do anything.


Through flexite, the customer service also receives instant messages from eg. road managers within the municipality when it is extra difficulties on the roads in certain areas.

Always up-to-date with checklists in flexiteFormAssist

To keep up-to-date with information from the administrations and to provide as good and correct help as possible to the citizens, the customer service also uses flexiteFormAssist (FFA).


- FFA can be described as an information page with checklists. It helps us know exactly what we are going to answer on different types of questions and what we should do in different types of situations, says Stefan Persson.


The customer service provides each administration with a basic template. The administrations are in their turn responsible for keeping the checklist updated.

The quality of the service we deliver today cannot even be compared with ten years ago.
Stefan Persson, Skellefteå municipality

Value over time

For everyone faced with choosing a case management system, Stefan recommends choosing a case management system that has the functions that you need in a start-up phase and which then can be developed together with the business, which gives value in the long run.


- If I would recommend flexite? Yes, definitely! My experience is that you get a lot of value for money when choosing flexite, says Stefan Persson and continues:


- The consultants at Flexite are also great to work with. They are clear, straight with you and honest in their communication. In the few occasions when flexite hasn´t worked as we wanted, we´ve always received quick help. They have always been honest and never promised anything they couldn´t do. I appreciate that.

Next steps for Skellefteå municipality

So far, so good. But that´s not enough for Skellefteå municipality. Soon it is time to take the next step in their customer service. New service opportunities are being discussed at the moment, and the digital processes are being reviewed and refined in flexite. Everything to prepare for the citizens' new communication habits, accessibility requirements and other wishes.


- It feels good to know that once we have decided how we want to refine our customer service and change our working method, we can do it together with Flexite and their system flexite. We also know that Flexite is just a phone call away, says Stefan and finally says:

Our goal is to offer the best possible service to Skellefteå residents. flexite is a central system for us in achieving that.

About Skellefteå municipality's customer service

With approximately 35 employees, the municipality's customer service is available to Skellefteå´s just over 72,000 inhabitants. Skellefteå municipality is one of Sweden's largest coastal municipality and one of Sweden's fastest growing tourist regions. Skellefteå municipality has won the award Guldlänken for its work with customer dialogue.