Domsjö Fabriker använder flexite

Continuous Improvement at Domsjö Fabriker with flexiteBPMS

Domsjö Fabriker are expanding and are regularly adapting their use of flexiteBPMS with the purpose of continuously improving their business.


“Domsjö Fabriker view flexiteBPMS as a tool in our continuous improvement work, which is ultimately geared toward increasing our competitiveness and profitability.  Dennis Forsberg, Business Controller, Domsjö Fabriker.


flexite BPMS – a Platform for Systematic Improvement Work

Domsjö Fabriker, a Flexite customer since 2007, have high ambitions to digitalize and streamline its business, follow established guidelines and deliver quality.


Domsjö Fabriker are currently using flexiteBPMS for multiple digital processes.


In their incident reporting process, deviations related to work environment, outdoor environment and process safety are managed. Domsjö Fabriker also work with processes for audit deviations, logistics and quality deviations, and for managing deviations within laboratories.


In the process “Order Change”, all changes are registered, for example when the properties for the existing business or a process are changed, such as new equipment, changed process parameters, new work methods, procedures and organizational changes. 


Dennis Forsberg has been working as a Financial Controller at Domsjö Fabriker for over 22 years. With his new job as Business Controller at the factory since 2010, Dennis has become increasingly more involved in flexiteBPMS.


"Managing incidents means taking advantage of the deviations that occur at the factory, thereby ensuring a good foundation on which to perform systematic improvement work.


Dennis Forsberg, Business Controller, Domsjö Fabriker


Linda Byström, Account Manager for Domsjö Fabriker, is pleased to note that Domsjö Fabriker have achieved great tangible improvement results through their use of flexiteBPMS.


“I have been following Domsjö Fabriker’s internal improvement work since 2010. It is very satisfying to see how professional they are in their quality and improvement work and that we get to be part of that and support them by means of our software and consulting support function”, Linda Byström says.


About Domsjö Fabriker:

Domsjö Fabriker, a part of Aditya Birla, is a bio refinery which manufactures products and energy from renewable raw material from the forest and has a clear environmental profile. The company’s production takes place in Domsjö, just outside Örnsköldsvik. The products are mainly sold outside of Sweden. The biggest markets are in Asia. With approx. 400 employees, Domsjö has a turnover of about 2 billion SEK per year.

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