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Sep, 10, 2016
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Version 9.0.11 - improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts

In 2016, work has been ongoing to review the existing support for keyboard navigation and shortcuts. A unified support for keyboard navigation and shortcuts that follows web standards has been implemented for both regular flexiteWEB and Smooth Forms.

To save time when entering information in a form there is a set of shortcuts. Using these, the user can jump between different parts of the forms and dialog boxes without having to switch between the keyboard and mouse.


The principle of shortcuts in flexiteWEB is to follow the practice in terms of navigation and selection in forms. Many of the shortcuts follow the browser's built-in shortcuts and can be used in combination with specific shortcuts in flexiteWEB. Below is a cheat sheet so you can get started right away!

Between components:


- Go to the next component or go to a later part of the page.


- Go to the previous component or to an earlier part of the page.

The components:


- In components to select the highlighted value


- Closes the opened list or dialog.


- Navigate to the next section or button in the dialogue relating to the component.


- Navigate to the previous section or button in the dialogue relating to the component.


- Select the value in the dialogue relating to component and fill the component with value, and click the External Data button. SPACE can also be used.


- Remove the value previously selected in the component.


- Remove the value from the list directly on the form.

In lists:


- Navigate up or down in the list. Otherwise, HOME, END, PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP can be used in various lists in components and in the dialogues that belong to the components, in addition to up and down in long lists.

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