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Learn how to ensure your flexite supports GDPR

May, 28, 2020
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1 min

On November 25, the training Information Security in flexite is held at our office in Kristianstad. The training gives you the skills and knowledge you need to ensure that your flexite supports GDPR.

Our long experience of developing applications in flexite has taught us that each application involves many issues to consider when it comes to data collection and data access.


Prior to GDPR, focus was to be able to control who can access what information inside flexite. With the more stringent requirements of GDPR, it has become more important to take into account even more when it comes to information distribution and access to information.


Features to handle the tougher requirements are already in place in flexite, but not everyone knows about the features or how to use them.

Attend our training Information Security in flexite

The training Information Security in flexite gives you the skills and knowledge you need to ensure that your flexite supports GDPR. The training is based on our experiences from our assignments with GDPR reviews and impact assessments, combined with our knowledge and experience in applying functions in flexite.


During a full day, theory is combined with practical examples and areas of use regarding:

  • Which settings there is to control information access and information distribution? 
  • How different configurations can be combined to meet different needs?
  • Which pitfalls that exists and what to consider an extra time?

Next training November 25

The next opportunity to attend the training is November 25 at our office in Kristianstad.