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Information Security in flexite

The course Information security in flexite gives you the skills and knowledge you need to secure access to information and distribution of information.

About the course

Developing processes involves many issues to handle regarding collection of data and data access. Before GDPR focus was to, with the help of rights and delimitations, control who should be able to access information inside flexite. With GDPR, it has become important to take into account more perspectives on information distribution and information access.

  • What information is distributed by email?
  • How does authentication occur when logging in?
  • What views and functions can be accessed via links in e-mail and which data is accessible in the views?
  • Which data from the system ends up on local computers or being transferred to other systems?


The content of the course is based on experiences from our previous assignments with GDPR and impact assessments, in combination with our knowledge and experience of applying functions in flexite.


During a full day, theory is combined with practical examples and areas of use where we answer which settings there is to control information access and information distribution, how different configurations can be combined to meet different needs, which pitfalls that exists and what to consider an extra time.


Selection of content

  • Review of needs, solutions and underlying issues
  • Available functions of flexite to meet GDPR legislation
  • What pitfalls are there and what should one think of once more?
  • Functions and opportunities for information access and information distribution
  • Customized information distribution with email templates as notification
  • Available views and functions in different views
  • Roles and rights to cover different needs of different groups of users
  • Use of links for accessing views from email
  • Access to attachments in views, emails and messages
  • Opportunities and challenges with the messaging function
  • Collected advice to continue their own work

Booking Information


November 25 | Kristianstad

09.30-16.30, lunch included
5.950:- Sek (excl. VAT)
Participation is invoiced when ordering and is non-refundable, but participants can be changed at any time. In case of illness, participation can be moved to another time if there is open spots available. We reserve the right to cancel the course if there are fewer than 3 participants, participants can then choose a refund or participate in the upcoming training session.


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